Economic Sweet Tooth.

Wagwan fellow food stalkers!! Your girl is back and you cannot imagine how may times I’ve been called out on self-dating. I’ve probably gone out on my own, to dinner, movies, that kind of thing, more times than I’ve had actual dates in my life and the people around me just cannot fathom how. Yes, yes, I’m that girl and I love it. Getting to dress up, make reservations (lol nope), grab a book or my laptop and do the absolute most just to food stalk for you guys? Bliss. Yeah, you’re welcome. This peculiar fattie’s got you.

Source: The Wine Shop, wine bar & café.

Meal: Grilled Chicken Nachos, Strawberry & Blueberry Macarons, a Drink & Drive Mocktail and an Orange Caramel Latte.

Cost: Nachos – Ksh 550  Macarons – Ksh 100 each  Mocktail – Ksh 350  Latte – 350  Total – Ksh 1,550.

Ratings: Nachos – 5.9/10  Macarons – Strawberry – 8.5/10 Blueberry – 8/10  Mocktail – 7.5/10  Latte -9.5/10

Location: Piedmont Plaza, Ngong Rd. (Same building as Brew Bistro)

The Wine Shop. Thee Wine Shop. Let me just start by saying that yes I know up there that sounded like a lot to take down in one sitting and in my defense, I was there for quite a bit of time (issa lie) but guuys, it was all for you 😀 Alll fooor youuu. Let’s keep that in mind yeah? Great.

So, first impression? Snazzy. Smaller than I expected but impressive regardless. It sort of has this exclusive feel to it in the sense that it’s very intimately laid out and there’s not much space for huge crowds so it’s definitely not the type of place where you’d go and find the whole of Nairobi. One thing I really liked was the flair and detail with which all their furniture and decor seemed to have been picked. A wall unit bottle display, tables with coffee beans spread out under a thick layer of glass, dim but adequate lighting and a colour palette that gently commands this sort of plush mood…bien dans T.W.S, bien dans. I felt extremely bougie (*spelling?) for the couple of hours I spent at your café, despite trying to cut through a macaron with a fork and knife on first attempt. Eh, the struggle.

The menu was something out of a dream for the common economist, i.e: me. Yani, try to imagine my surprise when after all I’d had, my bill totaled to Ksh 1,550. Ok, I knew it would come to that since I’m those guys that calculate as I order buuuut, you get my point yes? Mind blown.

Now let’s get to what’s really important, the reason I gathered you all here today, the food. Oh the delicious, beautifully priced and slightly hard to eat (partially because I’m just shady) food. For my meal, I had Grilled Chicken Nachos and a Drink & Drive Mocktail. Guess what I wanna talk about first, the mocktail. To be completely honest, I basically just looked for the most eccentrically named drink on the list. I have this firm belief that the stranger the name, the more tastefully interesting the drink and it didn’t disappoint. I know what you’re all thinking, who goes to a wine shop and doesn’t have any wine? Ironic no? Let me explain. See, when I got there, the only other people present had ordered their drinks by bottle and seeing as the food and drinks menu didn’t include the option of wine by glass, (I should’ve asked for the wine listing) I made the incorrect assumption that I’d have to buy a bottle if I wanted to have some. It sounded weird in my head as well but I didn’t second guess the thought and that’s how I ended up having what I had. Shoot me.

Aya, the nachos. I’m not too sure how I felt about these for a number of reasons. Don’t get me wrong, they were good but maybe it’s just me that doesn’t know how to eat nachos. Fam, I struggled. I felt that the distribution of guacamole, cheese and chicken was a bit oddly placed and the cheese had hardened up a bit more than I would’ve preferred but after ditching all attempts to be an attractive eater, they finally came through. Not that I’m messy or anything but you know those people that make everything look like an art? The guys that can cut through chapo on fork & knife with such poise and grace while the rest of us struggle to even just tear it up neatly with our bare hands. Yeah, I’m not one of those guys. If you are, please. Teach me. I need answers.

Then let’s talk about these macarons. I think I really must’ve entertained the people seated next to me with all my confusion because I oh so confidently picked up a fork & knife to cut though the first macaron not realizing that these things are solid. It’s either they aren’t meant to be eaten like that or I’m just not a part of the secret society that was taught how to do these things..cause the only other option in my head was to eat it whole and I couldn’t imagine stuffing the whole thing in my mouth. Solution? I bit through it like a cookie and it crumbled everywhere but I was already past my cringe threshold so it didn’t matter. How did I not discover macarons earlier? These tiny burger looking things are amazing. Sweet tooth or not, you have to try them and here’s the prefect opportunity to do so. This coming week, the 8th to the 13th of May, The Wine Shop will be participating in the Nairobi Burger Festival with a twist. They will be offering a dessert burger made with giant burger bun looking macarons (see I told you they look like tiny burgers or crabby patties..first time I ever saw one I thought it was crabby patty inspired candy lol). Even if you’ve had macarons before, you really should go check it out cause who doesn’t love dessert? We’re going yes? Yes. Hit me up if you’d like to come with and this time I promise there will be wine.

Last but most definitely not least because this is the thing I absolutely fell in love with, is the Orange Caramel Latte. You remember my thing for complicated drinks? Yeah. I triumphed once again. I kid you not, exaggerate not when I say that this is the best coffee I’ve had. EVER. There are definitely days when I’m just being extra with my moods and want my coffee dark, strong and dramatic to commemorate the mood but that aside, this latte changed my life. I know I said that about waffles in my last post but guys I’m serious. Also, how wonderful would it be to have one experience from each food category impact my taste buds so greatly right? This latte, it touched my soul. I’m not even going to add anything on to that because the words simply have not been invented. Go try it. Tell them Alexis sent you then come tell me how much you loved it because I know you will.

All in all this was such a lovely experience. A self-date for the books. Three cheers for The Wine Shop.

Kay, bye 🙂


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  1. NZIOKI says:


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    1. nomtherapy says:

      Thank youuuu 🙂


  2. Mark Mutura says:

    I low-key wants nachos ☺️

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    1. nomtherapy says:

      Right? Oh the cheesy goodness 😍😍

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  3. kito says:

    Thanks for letting me know where I can have macarons!

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    1. nomtherapy says:

      Anytime. Drop by, they’re amazing 😃😃


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